reduce - verb

  • cut down on; make a reduction in
  • make less complex
  • bring to humbler or weaker state or condition
  • simplify the form of a mathematical equation of expression by substituting one term for another
  • lower in grade or rank or force somebody into an undignified situation
  • be the essential element
  • reduce in size; reduce physically
  • lessen and make more modest
  • make smaller
  • to remove oxygen from a compound, or cause to react with hydrogen or form a hydride, or to undergo an increase in the number of electrons
  • narrow or limit
  • put down by force or intimidation
  • undergo meiosis
  • reposition (a broken bone after surgery) back to its normal site
  • destress and thus weaken a sound when pronouncing it
  • reduce in scope while retaining essential elements
  • be cooked until very little liquid is left
  • cook until very little liquid is left
  • lessen the strength or flavor of a solution or mixture
  • take off weight

reduce - thesaurus

abbreviate   abridge   concentrate   contract   cut   decoct   deoxidise   deoxidize   dilute   foreshorten   quash   repress   shorten   shrink   slenderize   slim   subdue   subjugate   thin   tighten   trim  

Scrabble score for reduce

r is 1 e is 1 d is 2 u is 1 c is 3 e is 1
Scrabble score = 9

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