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  • in an advanced stage of pregnancy
  • conspicuous in position or importance
  • given or giving freely
  • generous and understanding and tolerant
  • marked by intense physical force
  • significant
  • above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent
  • loud and firm
  • (of animals) fully developed
  • very intense
  • feeling self-importance
  • exhibiting self-importance
  • prodigious


  • in a boastful manner
  • in a major way
  • on a grand scale
  • extremely well


adult bad bighearted boastful boastfully bounteous bountiful braggart bragging braggy cock-a-hoop crowing enceinte expectant freehanded full-grown giving gravid great grown grownup handsome heavy large liberal magnanimous openhanded prominent self-aggrandising self-aggrandizing swelled vainglorious vauntingly

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