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  • a method of examining body organs by scanning them with X rays and using a computer to construct a series of cross-sectional scans along a single axis
  • feline mammal usually having thick soft fur and no ability to roar: domestic cats; wildcats
  • any of several large cats typically able to roar and living in the wild
  • a large tracked vehicle that is propelled by two endless metal belts; frequently used for moving earth in construction and farm work
  • a whip with nine knotted cords
  • the leaves of the shrub Catha edulis which are chewed like tobacco or used to make tea; has the effect of a euphoric stimulant
  • a spiteful woman gossip
  • an informal term for a youth or man


  • eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth
  • beat with a cat-o'-nine-tails

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barf bozo cast cat-o'-nine-tails caterpillar chuck ct disgorge guy hombre honk kat khat puke purge qat quat regorge regurgitate retch sick spew spue upchuck vomit

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