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November Round-up!

Can you believe December starts tomorrow? We're going to be sharing Advent Anagrams next month, so if you enjoy a good puzzle, make sure you stay tuned!

In the meantime, here's a round-up of this month's posts!

I've spent November exploring the influences of Latin on the English language. I finally know what 'ad hoc' means, and have developed a (perhaps unhealthy) habit of telling every new person I meet where 'Thursday' got its name from. You can find the links to my posts below.

Latin expressions in English - Part One

Latin expressions in English - Part Two

Where the months get their names from

Where the days of the week get their names from

Last week I also took a look at the influence of brand names, myths, and stories on the English language. You can read my post on eponyms here.

Hugh's been providing us with great Wednesday words as usual. As November marks Remembrance Day each year, he took a look at the word 'armistice' in this thought-provoking post.

Here are his other weekly words from November:



And my personal favourite 'Brobdingnagian'.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Avani Shah

30 Nov 2013
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