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Spelling list: Siobhan list-Words starting with the bl sound

bl words

Log in for sound Black A zebra has black and white stripes.
Log in for sound blind The baby was born blind and deaf.
Log in for sound blood When he cut his leg there was a flood of blood.
Log in for sound blue The sea and sky were both deep blue.
Log in for sound blink The lights made me blink. *
Log in for sound bleed A cut on your hand will bleed for a while.
Log in for sound blush When you blush your face goes red. *
Log in for sound blend To blend is to mix together. *
Log in for sound blond The girl had blond hair. *
Log in for sound blow Blow on your cup of tea to cool it.
Log in for sound blank He went blank when he was asked a question. *
Log in for sound block Where was the road block. *

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