Spelling end consonants: ff ss ll ck

On the last page you learnt that these consonants need to be doubled after
a short vowel:

f > ff s > ss l > ll c > ck

If there is already another consonant there, you do not need to double:

left   craft last   risk help   belt milk   sank

Remember, you only need the double consonants after a short vowel.

Work out the correct spelling and type the whole word. Choose from:

f, ff s, ss l, ll c, ck

What is missing?

Type the whole word

Worn by girls: dre__.
Worn by Scotsman: ki__t.
There's a cra__ in that cup.
Opposite of short: ta__.
End of a sleeve: cu__.
Not feeling well: si__.
A job to do: tas__.
Hard, not easily bent: sti__.
A loa__ of bread.
The apple is ripe, so pi__ it.
Excitement: thri__.
Opposite of hard: so__t.


more spelling learning, help and practice Skip this exercise and go on to the next part of this unit:
Longer words with ff ss ll ck
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Unit 4: Spelling the consonant sounds

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