Spelling list: Words ending in -ve

Very few English words end in just v . Most times you have to use -ve .

live They live in a very small house.
have What have I done with my car keys?
love This letter comes with all my love.
above We are good friends with the people in the flat above.
glove She has some new leather gloves.
serve The waiter was too busy to serve me.
nerve It takes a lot of nerve to swim with sharks.
active My little sister is active all day long.
captive Animals are kept captive in zoos.
massive That footballer is paid a massive amount of money.
native Native Americans are no longer called Indians.
attractive She found him very attractive.
extensive There was extensive flooding after the rain.
relative Uncle Bill is my closest relative.
sensitive A sensitive person can be easily upset.
detective The detective was able to solve the case.
aggressive Some wild animals are aggressive.

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