Spelling list: Soft G and Soft C

cell He tried to escape from the cell. add to list
gems add to list
age She is very mature for her age. add to list
place This place is far too crowded for me. add to list
gyms add to list
city Paris is the capital city of France. add to list
cents It cost 40 cents. add to list
Price Scan the bar code to find the price. add to list
space Is there enough space in the car for me? add to list
Nice Leeks are nice in a stew. * add to list
giant Ionic and metallic structures are giant. * add to list
changes Isotonic contraction is when a muscle exerts a force but changes length by shortening or lengthening. * add to list
pages You need to compress your notes into fewer pages. add to list
gentle Be very gentle with the tiny kitten. add to list
message The radio began to transmit the message. * add to list
sale The antique store had a lot of chinaware for sale. add to list
rode The Lone Ranger rode alone. add to list
giraffe add to list
celebrate Let's celebrate this great occasion. add to list

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