Spelling list: The suffix -ment

If the /m nt/ ending is a suffix, it is always spelled with the letter e: -ment. There are many words ending in -ment. Here are just a few.

payment Bob regretfully couldn't make the payment. *
agreement The whole family was in agreement.
investment He made a large investment in the company.
engagement Six weeks into their engagement, they were married.
government The government cuts will affect everyone.
achievement The win was a great achievement.
adjustment There was an adjustment in today's schedule.
advertisement I saw an advertisement for a new drink.
amazement To my amazement, he arrived on time.
amusement Much to my amusement, he told a funny anecdote.
nourishment A plant needs the correct nourishment to grow.
punishment The judge handed out a harsh punishment to the criminal. *
encouragement Her family gave her encouragement to succeed.
development Development of new business is vital to an economy.
replacement The bicycle needed a replacement wheel.
entertainment Reading, sports and games are all forms of entertainment.
management The company was now under new management.
excitement Suspense is used to build up a sense of waiting and excitement. *
commitment Playing in a team requires commitment.
improvement Look for signs of improvement. *

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