Spelling list: ei saying /ay/

These ei words do not follow the rule i before e except after c. This is because they have the long /a/ sound.

vein The vein was visible on his forehead. add to list
rein Keep a tight rein on your spending. add to list
reign The country prospered under the King's reign. add to list
deign Will the boss deign to attend our party? add to list
feign I will feign illness to avoid going to work. add to list
neigh I heard the horse neigh from the stable. add to list
eight I get to work at eight o'clock. add to list
weigh Mother weighed out a kilo of flour. add to list
weight To win the cake you must guess its weight. add to list
freight The freight was loaded onto the ship. add to list
neighbour British English spelling Their new neighbour was very kind. add to list
sheik The sheik wore traditional dress. add to list
veil The bride wore a long white veil. add to list
beige The golfer wore beige slacks. add to list
sleigh The kids enjoyed the sleigh ride. add to list

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