Spelling list: ou - longer words

The sound /ou/ as in out is most often spelled with the letters ou.

aloud Read the words aloud.
astound His amazing magic tricks will astound you.
confound Do not confound the problem by losing your temper.
surround The army surrounded the rebels.
account I have put the money in my savings account.
discount I bought this TV at a discount.
amount A large amount of drugs was found in the truck.
pronounce How do you pronounce your name?
renounce He intends to renounce his faith.
thousand I won a thousand dollars in the draw.
fountain There is a fountain in the market square.
mountain The only snow is at the top of the mountain.
scoundrel That scoundrel stole my wallet.
round To sail round the world is a great feat.
about This course teaches you about vowels.
counsel The doctor gave me some very wise counsel.
council The council won't allow any more houses here.

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