Spelling list: ow words

To spell the sound /ou/ as in out at the end of a word, use the letters ow. Before n and l the sound /ou/ is usually spelled ow.

owl I heard the hoot of an owl. add to list
brow Don't park on the brow of a hill. add to list
now I was tackled in football and now I have a bruise. add to list
sow A female pig is called a sow. add to list
vow Some monks make a vow of silence. add to list
howl The dog howled all evening. add to list
growl A dog might growl to protect its pups. add to list
prowl That cat is on the prowl for a bird. add to list
scowl The scowl on his face told us he was in bad mood. add to list
brown The leaves are turning red and brown. add to list
clown The clown got up to some silly antics. add to list
crown The king wears a gold crown. add to list
down Crossword clues go across and down. add to list
drown You are likely to drown if you dive off that cliff. add to list
frown A smile upside down is a frown. * add to list
gown The bride wore a white silk gown. add to list
town It was a misty day so the town was in gloom. add to list
crowd A crowd had gathered around the street performer. add to list

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