Spelling list: ou words -set 2

The sound /ou/ as in out, at the beginning or in the middle of a word, is often spelled with the letters ou. The only two cases where the ou sound is spelled with the letters ou at the end of the word are ‘thou’ and ‘miaou’. This list looks at a few ou words.

couch They sat on the couch together.
crouch I had to crouch down to pick up the book.
pouch A kangaroo keeps its baby in a pouch.
slouch Don't slouch on the chair.
count Can you count to ten?
mount They set out to climb Mount Everest.
mouth Don't talk with your mouth full.
south The equator is half way between north and south poles.
house Jim drew us a plan of his new house.
grouse The grouse is a bird sometimes shot for food.
mouse I control my computer with a mouse.
spouse Your spouse is your husband or wife.
blouse She wore a white blouse.
ounce One ounce is the same as 28.35 grams.
bounce Don't bounce that ball near the window!
pounce That cat is about to pounce on a bird.
trounce I think my team will trounce yours in the final match.
lounge On Jane's day off she likes to lounge around doing nothing.
scrounge He has no money so will try to scrounge from his sister.

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