Spelling list: war words

After w the /or/ sound is usually spelled with the letters ar.

war In 1992 there was a war in the Gulf.
warship The warship fired on the enemy submarine.
warplane A warplane has been shot down.
warfare Modern warfare uses computers.
ward This hospital ward is for mothers with new babies.
warder The prison warder has keys clipped to his belt.
warden The traffic warden gave me a ticket for illegal parking.
wardrobe Her wardrobe is full of unworn new clothes.
warm The flames of the fire kept us warm.
warp The wood is warped so the drawer will not close.
wart A wart is a growth on the skin.
dwarf A troll is a story book dwarf.
award The gold medal is the highest award.
reward There's a big reward for his capture.
swarm We were surrounded by a swarm of bees.
swarthy A swarthy skin is dark but not black.

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