Spelling list: aw - longer words

These words use the letters aw to spell the sound /or/.

awning I have a new awning for my patio.
awful I'm going to complain about that awful smell.
awkward His body was bent at an awkward angle.
dawdle Lisa started to dawdle back home from school.
drawer Her desk drawer is full of rubbish.
hawthorn Hawthorn blossom comes out in May.
lawful Is it lawful to park on this land?
lawless After dark this area of the town is lawless.
lawyer The arrested man asked for a lawyer.
macaw A macaw is a beautiful parrot.
outlaw In the old film the sheriff hunted the outlaw.
strawberry Would you like a strawberry milkshake?
tomahawk A tomahawk is a weapon like a small axe.
trawler A trawler is type of fishing boat.

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