Spelling list: or - longer words

The sound /or/ is most commonly spelled with the same letters as the word: or.

corner Meet me at the corner of the street.
border That photo would look better with a border.
orchard We have apple and plum trees in our orchard.
glory The old house is being restored to its former glory.
normal My normal working hours are eight until five.
forty I estimate we'll land in forty minutes.
formal It's a formal dinner so we need to dress smartly.
forbid Mum said "If you do that again I will forbid you to watch TV".
fortune He made his fortune on the Internet.
fortunate I was fortunate to win the prize.
inform Please inform me when my order is ready to collect.
transform A new coat of paint will transform this room.
uniform The Air Force uniform is blue.
import It is against the law to import fresh meat.
export These cars are to be sold for export.
report Please email me a copy of your report.
transport After the car crash he had no transport.
tornado Was the damage caused by a tornado?
tortoise A tortoise is a slow-moving reptile with a hard shell.
assortment The shop offered a wide assortment of products.

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