Spelling list: are - longer words

These words use the letters are/i> to spell the sound /air/.

aware Are you aware of the danger here?
beware The sign said 'Beware' of bears'.
compare Let's compare scores.
declare You must declare imported goods.
fanfare The trumpets sounded a fanfare.
nightmare The child woke up crying after he had a nightmare.
prepare She is working hard to prepare for her test.
warfare Modern warfare uses computers.
welfare I care about the welfare of badly treated horses.
hardware Computers need hardware and software.
software Computers need hardware and software.
chinaware The antique store had a lot of chinaware for sale.
glassware Glassware must be packed very carefully.
ovenware Ovenware must be able to stand a high heat.
silverware The table was laid with fine silverware.

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