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circle I have a wide circle of friends.
cone Conifers do not have flowers and their seeds are made in cones. *
cube A cube has four corners.
cylinder A tube-shaped object is a cylinder.
diagonal A diagonal brace is used to add strength to scaffolding.
polygon A polygon is a shape with straight sides. *
rectangle A cell is a small rectangle in which data can be entered. *
rhombus A Rhombus has four sides of equal length but no right angles. *
semicircle A semicircle is a two-dimensional shape that forms half a circle.
shape The moon was in the shape of a crescent.
sphere A sphere is a perfectly round, circular, and three-dimensional object.
square There is a fountain in the market square.
trapezoid A trapezoid or trapezium is a type of quadrilateral with at least one pair of parallel sides.
triangle An isosceles triangle is a three-sided shape with two sides of equal length and two equal angles. *

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