Spelling list: er - longer words

These words use the letters er to spell the sound /er/.

alert Stay alert when driving.
expert He was the top expert.
external The old house has external walls made from sandstone.
conserve Good driving is the best way to conserve fuel.
conversation They were deep in conversation.
dessert I'd like ice-cream for dessert.
divert The police started to divert the traffic.
deter Good locks can deter a burglar.
deserve Dean does not deserve to go to jail.
fertile Volcanic soil is very fertile.
permanent I'm hoping my job will be made permanent.
reserve Can we reserve our seats on this flight?
refer I will refer your complaint to my boss.
universe Nobody knows how many stars there are in the universe.
university Do you want to go to college or university?
terminal She has a terminal illness.
terminate Her contract will terminate after six months.

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