Spelling list: u-e words - set 2

Many words spell the long /u/ sound with the letters u-e. Here are some of the longer words.

capsule Swallow the capsule with some water.
assume Don't assume I will have time to help you!
consume The fire started to consume the forest.
costume The costume she wore was beautiful.
perfume Another name for scent is perfume.
resume The TV show will resume in ten minutes.
volume Please turn down the volume of the video.
fortune He made his fortune on the Internet.
amuse My best friend is always trying to amuse me.
accuse How dare you accuse me of that?
confuse It was easy to confuse the twins with each other.
excuse What is your excuse for being late?
rebuke His dad will rebuke him for behaving badly.
module There are six modules in this exam.
granule Mix the granules to make gravy.
acute Dogs have a very acute sense of smell.
prosecute The police will prosecute very bad drivers.
execute To execute something is to carry it out or perform it.
institute This institute teaches all the arts subjects.
attitude He has a very good attitude towards studying.

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