Spelling list: igh words

Some words spell the long /i/ sound with the lettersĀ igh.

high Birds fly high in the sky.
sigh The bored girl gave a loud sigh.
thigh The upper part of a leg is called the thigh.
bright The holly berry is bright red.
fight He broke his nose in a fight.
flight Our flight was delayed by fog.
fright The loud bang gave me a fright.
knight The knight carried a shield.
might You might have forgotten.
night I heard a very weird noise in the night.
plight We pity the plight of the homeless refugees.
sight She will faint at the sight of blood.
slight I have a slight pain in my neck.
tight Hold tight on to the reins.
delight Linda screamed with delight when she opened the present.
nightmare The child woke up crying after he had a nightmare.
twilight Twilight is the time of day just after sunset.
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height The height of the Eiffel Tower is 300m.

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