Spelling list: e-e words

A few words spell the long /e/ sound is by adding the letter e to the end of the word. You can practice spelling the long e sound by working through this list of e-e words.

theme Disneyland is a huge theme park. add to list
scene The picture showed a peaceful country scene. add to list
evening The evening sun cast a long shadow. add to list
concede He would not concede that he was wrong. add to list
precede To precede means to come before. add to list
concrete Sand, cement and stones make concrete. add to list
compete James will compete in the wheelchair marathon. add to list
complete This was a complete waste of time. add to list
delete It might be best to delete the email. add to list
extreme A hurricane is a type of extreme weather. add to list
obsolete Are film cameras now obsolete? add to list
adhere You must adhere to the rules. add to list
severe We were delayed by the severe weather. add to list
sincere I think he is a very sincere person. add to list
interfere Please do not interfere with my work. add to list
persevere I will persevere until I can spell these words. add to list
Chinese Sara likes Chinese food. add to list
Japanese A kimono is a Japanese robe. add to list

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