Spelling list: homophones

fair Jane has fair hair.
fare He lost his bus fare and had to walk all the way home. *
grate Grate some cheese to go in the sauce.
great There was great relief at the rescue.
groan I can hear a groan coming from the old castle. *
grown I have grown tomatoes for ten years.
here Wait here until I get back.
hear Shout across the valley to hear the echo.
heel I've got a blister on my heel.
heal Cover up that cut so that it will heal. *
he’ll He'll be here soon. *
plain Our dad prefers plain food to spicy.
plane The captain of the plane sits on the right.
rein Keep a tight rein on your spending.
reign The country prospered under the King's reign.
rain The heavy rain caused some flooding.
there There was great relief at the rescue.
their The girls went to see their favourite pop group.
they're I wonder why they're so late.
which Which way shall we go?
witch There was a wicked witch.

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