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Study the word list: Other ways of spelling the ar sound

The letters al can sometimes spell the ar sound. In some places the letter a has the ar sound.

calm Don’t panic, stay calm.
palm There are palm oil trees as far as you can see.
calf One of our cows has just had a calf.
half Ten is half of twenty.
father My father is called Andrew.
rather It's rather rude to swear.
bath She had a long soak in the bath tub.
path The path was rough and rocky.
craft Lee enjoys the craft of wood carving.
ask I want to ask Nina to my party.
basket Take this basket with you to the market.
plant A fern is a type of plant.
class The school has about 20 children in each class.
glass Be careful not to break that glass.
chance I have very little chance of winning.
dance Mother and Father had a dance at the party.
advance They planned their trip well in advance.
blast There was a large blast in the quarry.
last Did you watch that new TV quiz last night?
castle The old castle has a moat.

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