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Study: Animal Farm

Key Words taken from Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Napoleon is one of the leaders among the pigs.
Animalism is the idea that animals will only work for themselves. *
A person who believes in communism. *
He practiced his religion peacefully and lovingly.
He is a rebel, he led the rebellion. *
The spreading of ideas and information - giving only the government's opinion. *
Earth takes 365 days to complete its revolution around the sun. *
Ahimsa means non violence. *
An allegory is a story about animals that represent real people and events. *
Ebenezer Scrooge is a grumpy and selfish old man. *
Education is the formal process of giving and receiving instruction.
A scapegoat is someone who is singled out and punished for something they haven't done. *
A utopia is a place that is perfect. *
A windmill is an attractive building. *

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