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Study the word list: QEGS Maths 1

General keywords list for Maths.

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To ADD is to join one number to another; other words used include plus and total. *
Subtract is to take away one number from another; other words include minus or find the difference. *
Multiply is to make a number bigger by a given number of times; for example, two lots of three make six. *
Divide is to find out how often a number is found in another; for example, there are three lots of four in twelve. *
To increase is to make something bigger. *
To decrease is to make something smaller. *
A digit is any of the numbers 0 to 9. *
An equation is a mathematical way of showing how two things are equal. *
Equivalent means equal or the same in value. *
A sequence are numbers that follow each other in a particular order. *
Consecutive means following one after the other. *
To approximate is to give an answer that is close to the exact answer. *
Accurate means exact or correct. *
Inverses are opposites; for example, minus is the opposite of plus. *
Value is what or how much something is worth. *

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