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QEGS English 4

Fourth general English keywords list.

Style is the vocabulary and language used; for example, formal or informal language, simple or complicated vocabulary. *
Theme is the key idea of a piece; for example, racism or survival. *
A paragraph is a sentence or group of sentences based around one idea. *
The introduction is a group of sentences at the beginning of a piece of writing, giving the reader an idea of what is to come. *
The conclusion is a group of sentences at the end of a piece of writing, bringing it to a satisfying end. *
An extract is a short piece of writing taken from a book, play or longer piece of writing. *
A phrase is a group of words within a sentence that only make sense with the help of the rest of the sentence. *
A summary is a short statement giving the main points of a longer piece of writing. *
Vocabulary is the words used in a piece of writing or speech. *
To know the context of something is to be able to understand it by considering what is going on around it. *
To be objective is to give an opinion not based on personal feeling but on fact. *
To be subjective is to give an opinion based on personal feelings. *
The narrative tells the story of something that has happened in the correct order. *
To portray is to make a picture of, or describe in words, somebody or something. *
dialogue British English spelling
Dialogue is a spoken or written conversation. *

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