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Study the word list: Exploring Science 7Ca -Cb

Biology - Habitats/environment

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A sustainable way of living is one that does not use up non-renewable resourses or harm things in the surroundings. *
The word environment is used to describe the conditions around a certain organism caused by physical environment factors. *
A square frame, thrown randomly on the ground, which is used to sample plants in an area is called a quadrat. *
The distribution is the places where an organism can be found in a habitat. *
When something has certain features to do a particular funcion it has adapted. *
behavior American English spelling
Behaviour is the way an organism acts or reacts to things around it. *
All the plants and animals that live in a habitat is called a community. *
Habitat is the natural home of plants and animals. *
Global warming is a theory that says that the Earth is getting hotter because of the activities of humans. *
An ecologist is a scientist who studies organisms and the areas where they live. *

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