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Study the word list: Exploring Science 7ia

Fossil Fuels and energy

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Energy is never lost, it is transferred from one form to another. *
A fuel is something that contains a store of energy. *
Most of the electricity we use is generated in power stations. *
Coal is a fossil fuel that was formed millions of years ago from plants. *
Oil and gas are fossil fuels that were formed from tiny animals and plants that lived in the sea millions of years ago. *
Coal, oil and gas are all called non-renewable fuels, this means they cannot be replaced. *
A fossil is the remains of a dead animal or plant that became trapped in layers of sediment and turned into rock. *
A renewable energy resource is one that can be replaced. *
Sustainable energy can be carried on without wasting things or harming the natural world. *
Global warming constitutes towards climate change.

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