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Study the word list: Weekly Words Half-Term 1

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If something is to cascade it is to pour downwards rapidly and in large quantities. *
An idol is a person or thing that is greatly admired, loved or worshipped. *
To censor is to prevent something from being seen or heard. E.g, the explicit language was censored. *
Illicit means forbidden or illegal. *
Credibility is how believable something or someone is based on their expertise. *
Someone is impoverished if they have been made extremely poor and live in poverty. *
The denouement is the end of a story or play, when all loose ends are tied up. *
A mantra is a phrase or slogan that is repeated again and again. *
If something is academic, it is relating to school, study or university. E.g, the university lecturer is an academic. *
Fidelity is faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support. *
An avaricious person is someone who is greedy and miserly. *
When it is used as a noun, a fray is a battle or fight. *
A miser is a person who hoards wealth and spends as little money as possible. *

This public word list was created by a Spellzone user: Laurus Cheadle Hulme.

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