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words with the er pattern

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A fern is a type of plant.
A tern is a black and white sea bird. *
The waiter was too busy to serve me.
It takes a lot of nerve to swim with sharks.
Physician is another term for a surgeon.
My mother told me to sit down with a stern voice. *
Good hygiene keeps germs away.
I hope that bird will come and perch on my hand. *
A verb is a word that shows action in a sentence. *
There's a herd of buffalo by the lake.
An author is the person who writes a book. *
Superman has super strength and can lift a volcano. *
I don´t feel very perky when I first wake up in the morning. *
Insert your picture into your grandmother´s card. *
Be careful when you merge into the traffic on the freeway. *
When I watched the movie, I was on the verge of tears! *
I saw the car swerve to miss the bike.
Jane has a new suit for her new job.
Oregano is an herb used in Italian cooking. *
I wanted curly hair so my hair dresser gave me a perm. *

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