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Study the word list: Year 8 Term 2 Week 3 -ial

Year 8 Term 2 Week 3 -ial

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The minister decided that the matter was a trivial one and should not be further pursued . *
Adverbial phrase (or adverb phrase) is the term for two or more words which play the role of an adverb. *
A birthday is a special day.
A composite material is made up of different parts.
Christmas has become a commercial holiday.
Solvency is essential for companies.
The building was quintessential. *
In the USA in the 1920s racist groups such as the KKK believed in racism and claimed to be superior to other racial groups, including black Americans, hispanics and immigrants from eastern Europe. *
The criminal received a custodial sentence of 10 years imprisonment. *
'No passport, no plane' stated the official. *
Billy was a jovial chap who was always smiling. *
The Aztecs used to have a sacrificial table in their temples. *
The new football ground used artificial grass.
The certificate was a good credential to have.
Colloquial language is informal language. *
Magpies are a very territorial, swooping birds and people that go near their nest. *
The new football ground used artificial grass.
The teacher received a biennial travel allowance every two years. *
Broken skin around the nail which can result in a bacterial infection is called Paronychia. *
The prospector searched for alluvial gold in the dried out river bed. *

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