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Study the word list: SET 24 --10 -11

SET 24===10 - 11

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Latitude is how far North or South a place is from the Equator. *
The earthquake made the ground shake.
Playing in a team requires commitment.
Muslims pray in a mosque.
A byte is a sequence of 8 bits. (Computer data terminology).

If you do not follow the rules the umpires may disqualify you. *
The squadron pilots took off together.
A sequin is tiny and shiny. *
The Normans were Vikings ( people from Scandinavia) who conquered an area in France they called Normandy in nine hundred and eleven. *
I hope you won't refuse my request.
There is a fountain in the market square.
This is the requisite album for music lovers.
I am frequent visitor to the zoo. *
The conditions in the zoo were dirty and squalid.
The show made the children squeal with delight.

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