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Study the word list: Mr D week 2 part 2

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His statement had no relevance to this discussion.
Ecology includes the study of how animals relate to their environment.
neighbourhood British English spelling
She lives in a safe neighbourhood. *
She is a skilful writer.
You will find oppression happens in a dictatorship. *
The best way to learn to be an electrician in through an apprenticeship. *

Our carelessness has caused the expensive vase to break. *
The company was now under new management.
She was conscious of what she said to her mother.
Precious stones are measured in carats.
There was a suspicious bulge in the thief's pocket.
The table was full of delicious food.
The dog was vicious. *
We loved the new house and it had a spacious lounge. *
She was a gracious loser. *
The island was home to a ferocious beast. *
He was put into jail for his malicious behaviour.
The teacher kept a tenacious hold on the behaviour in her class. *

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