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Study the word list: Geography Keywords List 3.

All students studying geography.

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The Earth´s crust and upper part of the mantle are broken into large pieces called tectonic plates. *
You can refer to plants as flora, especially the plants growing in a particular area. *
The Flora and fauna of Siberia. *
An ecosystem is a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. *
A coastal management system was introduced in 2012. *
Orchids grow in tropical lands.
The trees shook in the storm.
Development of new business is vital to an economy.
Polar areas are very cold. *
Collision is the impact when things collide.
A repeated word or series of words in response to the main verse, as in a ballad. *
The golden sun was emerging from behind the dark clouds. *
In MEDCs, the rural areas are more sparsely populated (fewer people per km) than in LEDCs. *
India is densely populated. *
Much of the art on display was contemporary.
Challenge yourself to climb the mountain. *
Is a political term for people who tend to want to change established traditions and cultural patterns in order to create a different, more 'fair' distribution of wealth and privilege; t. *
Most parrot species are able to mimic human words.

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