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Study the word list: Figurative language terminology

English GCSE

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Alliteration involves words that begin with the same sound. *
Allusion is an indirect reference to another time person or place, e.g. His love of chocolate was his Achilles' heel. *
Assonance involves words that have the same vowel sound. *
Metaphor is an implied comparison of two unlike things, e.g. He was a lion in battle. *
Simile involves describing something by comparing it with something else. *
Onomatopoeia is when the sound of a word is the same as its meaning. *
Personification describes something non-human as if it is human. *
Foreshadowing is to hint at what might happen later in the play. *
The actor said an aside to the audience that the other characters wouldn't hear. *
The town is a throwback to medieval times, an anachronism that has survived the passing years. *
Irony is the use of words where the real meaning is the opposite of what is actually said. *
A pun involves the clever use of words that has two meanings. *
Shakespeare uses Macbeth's soliloquy to show that he is unsure about what to do. *
An object can be a symbol, if it also stands for something larger than itself, a clock might mean time passing. *
A writer's style is their characteristic way of writing e.g. choice of words, structure and imagery. *
Tone is the feel of the text, indicated by choice of words, rhythm of sentence and such like. *
The protagonist is the main character in the play. *
Antagonist is the person or force within a story that opposes the protagonist or hero. *

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