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Study the word list: KS3 Science-plants/crop farming

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Chlorophyll is the substance inside plant cells that turn sunlight into carbohydrates. *
Photosynthesis is the process where plants make glucose. *
Carbon dioxide can enter the leaf by dyffusion. *
Plant cells have chloroplasts where photosynthesis occurs. *
He tried to escape from the cell.
The cellulose is used in the cell walls of plants. *
Most fats are stored as triglycerides as an energy source in the blood. *
The glucose made in photosynthesis is turned into starch to be stored. *
All the material in an organism is its biomass. *
A chromosome is a thread-like structure of nucleic acids and protein found in the nucleus of most living cells, carrying genetic information in the form of genes. *
Herbicides kill weeds. *
Insecticides kill insect pests. *
Fungicides kill fungi that cause diseases that slows down the photosynthesis. *

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