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Study the word list: Geography - Map Skills

Year 7 Key words

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The line showing the edge of a country or state or district is called a boundary. *
Every ten years a census is held in the UK, it is a survey on the entire population. *
Cartography is the drawing and study of maps and charts. *
A cross-section is a vertical cut of the landscape showing the changes in level. *
Direction is shown on a map by a compass. *
Distribution is how things are shared out, arranged or placed. *
Elevation is the height of a point on the surface of the Earth, above sea level. *
The equator is half way between north and south poles.
The day that the Sun is directly over the Equator is called an equinox. *
A key on a map is a set of symbols and their meanings. *
Grids on a map are patterns of vertical and horizontal lines. *
Fieldwork is observing and measuring things outside. *
If land is surrounded by water, it is an island. *
An Atlas is a book of maps. *
A map is a diagram of a place or region from above, usually drawn to scale. *
Longitude is how far East or West a place is from the Equator. *
A Millibar is a unit of atmospheric pressure, one thousandth of a bar. *
The ratio between the distance measured on a map and the actual distance is called scale. *
Relief is the physical shape of the land. *
The route is the path of a journey. *

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