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Study the word list: The -cial ending (copy)

In these words the sound /sh´l/ is spelled cial.

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The new football ground used artificial grass.
Exercise is beneficial to your health.
Christmas has become a commercial holiday.
During space missions oxygen is crucial.
His facial expressions are comical.
If you don't look after your money, you may have financial troubles. *
The glacial waters flowed down to the Atlantic ocean. *
We have a judicial system in our courts of law. *
Some officials embezzle money and property.
The reporter's coverage resulted in prejudicial publicity for the defendant. *
Auxiliaries in the Roman army were recruited from provincial tribal groups who did not have Roman citizenship. *
In the USA in the 1920s racist groups such as the KKK believed in racism and claimed to be superior to other racial groups, including black Americans, hispanics and immigrants from eastern Europe. *
The Aztecs used to have a sacrificial table in their temples. *
A birthday is a special day.
She was of a higher social class than her peers.
Some cuts and grazes are superficial. *

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