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Study the word list: Independent Learning Centre - list 1

A list of words you will find useful when using the Independent Learning Centre

User created list  
There are 26 letters in the alphabet.
In a dictionary, words are in alphabetical order. *
Please remember to annotate the correct section of your anthology. *
That newspaper article is libellous.
Her aim in life was to become a great author.
catalogue British English spelling
Please send me a copy of your catalogue.
Classification is when things have been grouped together to make finding them easy. *
Content is a word to describe what is inside the book. *
The website has a copyright symbol.
Find the meaning of words in the dictionary.
An editor is a person who proof reads and checks writing for length and accuracy. *
encyclopedia American English spelling
An encyclopedia is a book or set of books containing knowledge and organised in alphabetical order. *
An extract is a short piece of writing taken from a book, play or longer piece of writing. *
Fantasy is a genre of book where unreal worlds are created. *
Genre is the different kinds of writing for a particular purpose; for example, thriller, romance, novel, poetry. *
A glossary is a smaller version of a dictionary, looking at specific words to do with a topic. *
An index is the power of a number or letter. *
A librarian can give you advice and support when using the Independent Learning Centre. *
A magazine is a publication that is issued regularly containing articles, reports and competitions. *

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