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Study the word list: Year 7 Art

The following words can help you when analysing and describing artworks.

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To be subjective is to give an opinion based on personal feelings. *
Signs codes or symbols that can link to a culture and creates cultural meaning within the artwork. *
Postmodern is an art movement that was influenced by technology, humour and irony. Appropriation was also closely linked to it. *
To explore the structural elements of an artwork is to look at how it was made and what it is materials were used.. *
Abstract art is a representation of something in a unrealistic way. It often makes no clear link to the true subject and is an interpretation of the artist. *
Realism is an art style which uses the every day and commonplace as its subject.s. *
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colourful British English spelling
Class 4 have created a large and colourful collage. *
Oxymoron is where two words of contrasting meaning are adjacent to each other. *
Mosses have weak roots ; thin, delicate leaves and do not have seeds. *
Flowing can be used when describing lines within an artwork. *
Layered images, shapes, lines, paint by the artist. *
Parallel lines are always the same distance apart. *
RAM stands for Random Access Memory where a computer stores data and programs temporarily. It is measured in Kilobytes. *
The sensor detected a movement.
An acronym is a word made form the first letters of a group of other words ; scuba, for example. *
You must pay a toll to cross this bridge.
We saw some ducklings hatch.
To blend is to mix together. *

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