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Study the word list: Year 6 Spring Term Week 10

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The sun is 93 million miles away.
He was amongst the best athletes in the world. *
A vulture eats the flesh of dead creatures.
In Britain, some spellings are different from the USA.
The brontosaurus was common in North America.
He frequently spelled the word wrong. *
When he met the President it was the best encounter he had ever had. *
I can't believe she has married him.
Our son began to crawl at the age of eight months.
The tripod was used to hold the TV camera steady.
A mixture is a mixing together of two or more substances without actually joining them, so that they can be separated again. *
The floor got very slippery in the rain. *
Are you aware of the danger here?
The hedges had gotten very tall over the summer. *
The working use or purpose of a design is called the function. *
The blue whale is the largest mammal.
Propaganda is the spreading of ideas and information, which only gives the governments side of things. *
Defeated is to win or beat someone, particularly the enemy in battle. *
Something Very unusual is extraordinary.
The boat had two anchors because it was so big. *

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