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Study the word list: Past tense Words

From the Stone Age Boy past tense words

User created list  
I was wandering in the woods when I tripped and found myself falling down. *
An amazing thing once happened to me. *
I could see daylight in the distance and I stumbled towards it. *
realised British English spelling
I realised I was lost. *
So I walked and walked. *
I don't think I looked like any of the boys she knew. *
They gave me some stew. *
I worked out my new friend's name was Om. *
Om showed me round the camp. *
Everyone seemed busy and had a job to do. *
I saw the men fishing. *
One afternoon we went to the river. *
The children picked berries and nuts. *
The men held their pointed spears high and stood as still as trees. *
Suddenly, their spears dropped down like lightning. *
Several people grabbed their spears and followed Om. *
Om and I followed them into the field. *
Slowly, slowly we crept forwards until we saw a reindeer. *
At a signal, the others ran towards the reindeer, yelling and throwing their spears. *
Om and I didn't have spears, but we yelled anyway. *

This public word list was created by a Spellzone user: Greenholm Primary School.

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