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Study the word list: Odd Pronunciations

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My new boots are too tight.
The table was full of delicious food.
The fire place was covered in soot.
What's the good of worrying?
When he cut his leg there was a flood of blood.
David has a bad cold and a cough.
Knead the dough to make the pizza.
They sought the escaped prisoner.
The swordsmen fought a duel.
A drought is a long period of time with no rain.
Make batter from flour and milk.
colour British English spelling
Pointillism is an art using dots of pure colour rather than mixing colours on the canvas. *
honour British English spelling
Address the judge as 'Your Honour'.
Please will you pour me a drink?
Lemons have a sour taste.
A hearth is a brick or stone lined fireplace. *
Many people have a phobia or fear of spiders.
The earth is molten at the core.
The U.S. began engaging in war in the Pacific after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour. *
The little boy nearly choked on a sweet. *

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