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Study the word list: Short /i/ spelled y: Set 1 (copy)

In these words the short sound /i/ is spelled with the letter y.

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Get fit by working out at the gym.
Everyone joined in the hymn singing.
A myth is a story that may be untrue.
The space underneath a church is a crypt.
We sang and danced to calypso music.
Diamonds are a type of crystal.
A cygnet is a young swan.
Gypsy is my cat's name. *
The song has difficult lyrics. *
I love a mystery story ! *
The earth's atmosphere is one-fifth oxygen.
Physics is the study of matter and movement.
This symbol means 'add' : +.
Sneezing is a symptom of hay fever.
Who likes syrup on their cornflakes?
Windows 8 is a computer system.
Mini skirts were typical 60s fashion.

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