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Unstressed vowels

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jewellery British English spelling
The king wore a lot of jewellery.
Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with lines, angles and shapes. *
I'm desperate for a long cold drink.
Our train was stationary for over an hour.
If you are stuck, use the instruction book for reference.
Find the meaning of words in the dictionary.
The noise from the class was deafening. *
February is the second month of the year. *
Is it definite that Jim is coming?
A comparative creates a better picture of something by judging how similar or different it is to something else. *
It was frightening to hear the storm blowing outside. *
I buy all the stationery for our office.

If my job were in a category it would be finance.
Literature involves novels, plays, poetry and other forms of creative writing. *

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