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Study the word list: Long and short vowel sounds and

If the vowel sound is short ah, eh, ih, oh, uh then e is not needed. If the vowel sound is long ay, ee, eye, ow, you then we add the e at the end to make the vowel say its own name.

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When he cut his leg there was a flood of blood.
The wine will keep cool in the cellar.
The dress has a rip. *
That pretty little kitten is so cute.
The win was a great achievement.
Please wipe your feet on the mat.
He was my friend and mate. *
The apple is ripe so pick it.
A kimono is a Japanese robe.
A baby bear is called a cub.
A cube has four corners.
Rob was in a quandary. He could not make up his mind.
The banging of the pots made a huge din. *
We are going to dine out at a restaurant tonight. *
There was a blockage in the pipe. *
What are you wearing that hat for?
Plant the apple pip and it should grow. *
I hate this foul weather.
Rabbits hop and run fast. *
Let's hope for some good weather.

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