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QEGS Geography 3

General Geography Keywords 3

Cartography is the drawing and study of maps and charts. *
Ordnance survey maps are maps drawn to scale showing great detail. *
Scale is real distance, shown smaller, to fit on a piece of paper. *
Symbols are small drawings or marks used to give information and save space on a map. *
The Key is an explanation of the small drawings or marks used on a map. *
Grid references are the numbers that give an exact place on a map. *
The Prime Meridian is an imaginary line that passes through Greenwich in London at 0 degrees longitude.. *
Latitude is how far North or South a place is from the Equator. *
Longitude is how far East or West a place is from the Equator. *
The Equator is an imaginary line around the middle of the East at 0 degrees latitude. *
A contour is a line on a map that joins places of the same height. *
A region is an area or part of the world. *
A boundary is anything that marks the edge of a country or place. *
Relief is the shape and height of the land. *
Land forms are natural shapes or the land such as mountains and valleys, made by rivers, seas, ice and wind. *

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