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Study the word list: QEGS Geography 2

General Keywords in Geography.

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Weather is the day to day state of the atmosphere. *
Climate is the weather of a place taken on average over many years. *
Precipitation is the water falling from the sky as rain, hail, sleet or snow. *
Evaporation is when a liquid turns to a gas. *
Condensation is the change from a gas to a liquid or solid. *
The atmosphere is the air around the Earth. *
Equatorial are places near to the Equator that are hot and wet throughout the year. *
Humidity is the amount of moisture in th air. *
A drought is a long period of time with no rain.
Meteorology is the study of the weather. *
Pressure is the weight of air pressing down on the Earth's surface. *
Depression is a large area of low pressure bringing clouds and rain. *
Prevailing winds are the direction from which the winds usually come. *
An isobar is a line on a map joining places with the same atmospheric pressure. *
A front is the place where warm and cold air meet. *

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