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The cooks traveled the world to experience authentic native cuisines.
Some new circumstantial evidence proved the defendant guilty.
Subtract is to take away one number from another; other words include minus or find the difference. *
The Oracle exerted considerable influence throughout the Greek world. *
She spoke to the teacher in confidence.
This is the tenth sentence of this test.
Astronomy is the science of the stars.
She worked for a government agency.
Call the ambulance, it's an emergency.
France and Germany use the euro as their currency. *
John mixed the ingredients into a creamy consistency.
The traveller moved with urgency.
He spoke french with great fluency.
Radio waves have a lower frequency than visible light. *
Drivers should equip themselves before driving in snow.
All my camping equipment is in my backpack.
Jane and Jim are excellent dancers.
The Key is an explanation of the small drawings or marks used on a map. *

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